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Broken Tooth Management Applecross

Our teeth are strong, but they can chip, crack or break with the many stresses and strains that they have to endure.

Broken teeth don’t necessarily cause immediate pain. If the break has spread to the nerve, you might experience discomfort when chewing or sensitivity to hot and cold.

Whether you are in pain or not, tooth breakage should be investigated by your Applecross dentist immediately to check the tooth’s health and stability and provide the necessary treatment to prevent further deterioration or problems.

Broken Tooth: When to See A Dentist

broken tooth management applecross

Anyone who thinks they have a broken tooth should make an appointment with a dentist as early as possible.

It is important to do so when there are pain and discomfort.

While waiting to see your Applecross dentist, the following can relieve uncomfortable symptoms:

  • rinse the mouth with lukewarm saltwater
  • take OTC pain medications
  • use a cold compress against the cheek to reduce swelling

Broken Tooth Management in Applecross

If you have a broken tooth, contact your Applecross dentist immediately to treat the problem and prevent damage or infection.

Same-Day Dental Emergency Appointment Available in Applecross

For dental emergencies in the Applecross area, please contact us immediately on (08) 9316 0555.

We are located at 729 Canning Hwy in Applecross WA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs and symptoms of a broken tooth?

Broken teeth show symptoms, including pain when chewing, possibly with the release of biting force, or pain when your tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures.

In many instances, pain may come and go, and your dentist may have difficulty locating which tooth is causing the discomfort.

What causes a broken tooth?

Several injuries or ailments can lead to a broken tooth. Some common causes include a fall, physical injury, and biting down on hard food or object.

Does a broken tooth need to be treated?

YES. A broken tooth is a major dental concern that needs professional treatment.

If left untreated, a broken tooth can lead to serious complications, including infections, severe pain, and difficulties in eating and drinking.

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