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The wisdom teeth are the third molar teeth. In most cases, they are the last teeth in the dental arch.

Wisdom teeth start to form around our preschool years and may come through the gum at any time from your late teens to early twenties. In some cases, they will never erupt through the gum at all.

Wisdom teeth can be clearly seen in a diagnostic OPG X-ray if they are have not erupted. In this OPG X-ray, it is easy to see the four upper and lower wisdom teeth on the outer edge of the jaw growing out of alignment to the other teeth.

wisdom teeth removal in applecross

So, why are wisdom teeth such a hassle?

The main reason is these teeth often develop in an unusual position and become stuck either under other teeth, in front of them or in the jawbone itself.

This can cause wisdom teeth to either not come through the gum (remain unerupted) or to only partially come through the gum (partially erupted).

Some people are fortunate that their wisdom teeth come through the gum and into position correctly. They can then function like any other tooth.

Unfortunately, this only happens in a few cases, and these people often find it difficult to keep their wisdom teeth clean as they are hard to reach with a toothbrush. It is not uncommon for erupted wisdom teeth to require removal at some point due to decay from not being brushed properly.

Problems with Unremoved  Impacted Wisdom Teeth

1. Ability to keep the tooth clean

When a tooth is in a hard-to-reach area, the bacteria in the mouth will get caught up around the tooth and cause the tooth to decay.

This can be either on the sides of the tooth or on the biting surface. Sometimes these cavities can be filled but sometimes the tooth needs to be removed.

Additionally, if a wisdom tooth is partially through the gum and it gets stuck under the tooth in front of it, the bacteria cause an infection in the gum.

This is called pericoronitis. These very painful infections can be temporarily fixed with some antibiotics and a chlorhexidine mouth wash, however, to permanently fix the problem, the wisdom teeth will need to be removed.

2. Cyst formation

When a wisdom tooth is left under the gum (impacted) there is the possibility of a cyst developing around the wisdom tooth. A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that grows erratically.

These cysts can cause the destruction of adjacent teeth and the jaw bone itself. This may lead to pain and fracture of the jaw.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to have the wisdom teeth removed from the jaw.

What options are available to me to deal with wisdom teeth problems?

This will depend on the nature of the problem. If a wisdom tooth is in a good position but has some tooth decay, it can have a filling placed provided the decay is not too large.

If the tooth has a cyst, the only option is to remove the tooth and any other teeth that have been damaged by the cyst.

If the tooth is impacted and continually getting painful infections the most common solution is to have wisdom tooth removed.

If I want to have my wisdom teeth assessed what should I do?

If you have not had your wisdom teeth assessed to know what is happening with them, simply call our rooms and our friendly staff will arrange a consultation. At this appointment, we will discuss what their current condition is, what treatments are available and if wisdom teeth removal in Applecross is necessary.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Consultation

During the appointment, the mouth is examined to determine what is happening with the wisdom teeth. We also take an OPG X-ray to look at the teeth and their supporting structures to rule out any other pathology that might be present or causing discomfort. Once we have also looked at any medical issues, the dentist will then discuss what treatment options are open to you.

It should be noted that each case of wisdom teeth problems is very different, so there is no one solution to the problem. We do, however, let our patients have all the options so they can make an informed decision on how they wish to proceed.

As wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure, an important part of the process is to go through an informed consent with the patient about the possible risks and benefits associated with the surgical extraction of a tooth.

We show our patients x-rays and models to explain these issues and to help make them easier to understand. We also discuss how the procedure might be performed and in what setting, for example, in a hospital or in our surgery and whether you would be asleep or awake.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Applecross

Simply call our Applecross office and your dentist will see you on the same day to ensure you are not in pain any longer than possible.

Please be aware that this may only be a brief visit to remove the pain and may not involve removal of the wisdom teeth at that time.

Contact the friendly team at Epsom Dental Care Applecross for wisdom teeth removal today!

To find out more about our wisdom teeth removal in Applecross, please contact us today at (08) 9316 0555.

We are located at 729 Canning Hwy in Applecross WA.

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