Preventive Dentistry – Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth and Mouth Healthy

by | Aug 30, 2021 | Preventive Dentistry

preventative dentistry tips on how to keep your teeth and mouth healthy

Oral hygiene doesn’t only make your teeth look good; it keeps conditions like periodontitis, gingivitis and halitosis at bay.

People who are genetically predisposed to developing certain forms of cancer are more likely to suffer from cancer when they fail to maintain proper oral care.

With this in mind, it’s important to practise a few tips and keep your teeth healthy.

#1 Fix an Appointment

If you catch dental issues early, you will save yourself a lot of time and money.

Routine dental examinations are a must because you become aware of potential problems and you can take measures to avoid them.

A yearly tooth cleaning procedure is essential as it will break down plaque build-up and exposes problems that are otherwise disguised beneath stained teeth.

#2 Practice Oral Hygiene

You may have heard it many times before but twice-daily brushing and flossing is essential and it can’t be taken lightly.

It keeps your teeth free from harmful bacteria and protects the enamel from erosion.

You could use modern dental innovations like electronic brushes and water floss devices to achieve optimum cleanliness.

If you’re wearing braces or aligners, you will have to rinse your mouth with mouthwash so that the antibacterial solution cleans hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity.

#3 Take a Look at Your Diet and Lifestyle

Despite brushing and flossing daily, you might be at risk of suffering from oral problems if you eat foods that attack your enamel.

Highly acidic foods and sugary treats that stick to your teeth do a lot of harm. They erode the enamel and lead to decay.

If you consume unhealthy sugary treats, make sure you drink a glass of water and brush all the bad stuff away.

Also, avoid smoking as it destroys the enamel and causes discolouration.

#4 Fixing Problems in Time

If you find holes in the enamel or if you develop tooth sensitivity, visit the dentist at your earliest opportunity.

Left untreated, small holes can progress to big cavities that might require root canal treatments or tooth extractions.

Sensitive teeth should also be examined for signs of decay or gum inflammation.

If you follow these simple tips, you will ward off complicated dental procedures and painful dental conditions.

Lastly, if you ever suffer from unbearable tooth pain, book an emergency dental appointment instead of merely suppressing the pain with oral medications.

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