Picking the Best Dental Fillings in Applecross

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Dental Fillings

Despite your efforts in keeping your teeth clean and your mouth healthy, sometimes a cavity can form, and you will need a dental filling to restore and preserve your tooth.

Dental fillings require the removal of the decayed or damaged portions of the tooth. Once the decayed area is removed, your Applecross dentist will clean the tooth and fill the missing area within the tooth.

Fillings ensure the tooth is protected from further decay and help preserve the tooth so it remains functional.

There was a time when you had only one option for fillings—silver amalgam. However, today’s dental technology has created far more attractive and versatile options.

Here are the most common types of dental fillings materials available today.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are generally more affordable than other dental filling materials. It is also very strong, which is why it is usually used on stress-bearing surfaces. It is a good choice for large or deep cavity fillings.

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings are made in a laboratory after the dentist takes an impression of the tooth. These fillings also tend to be pricey. But the good thing is that they look natural.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass ionomer fillings are also tooth-coloured but are not as strong as composites. These are made of acrylic and a specific type of glass that contains fluoride, which can help prevent cavities. This material is commonly used for fillings below the gumline and children’s teeth.

What to Expect After a Dental Filling

After getting a dental filling, your tooth may feel a little sensitive when eating something sweet, cold or biting your teeth together. If sensitivity persists, we recommend visiting your Applecross dentist.

Which Dental Filling Material Works Best for You?

When choosing the best material for your dental fillings, the only person who can help you determine which material suits your needs the most is your dentist.

Based on the location of the cavity in your mouth, the severity of the decay, your Applecross dentist will be able to provide you with a solution that matches your budget and current dental health.

When in doubt, always request an appointment with your dentist to find out what’s best for you.

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